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1913 to 2020

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You can access a copy of the flyer Here

Faithful Hole Sponsors

The Club deeply appreciates the support of our hole sponsors. A copy of the hole sponsors can be viewed Here

The September 2019 Periscope Is Online

Our Editor has put together an information packed edition of the newsletter, and the latest edition is now available. Click this link for the September 2019 Periscope Here

What's Your E-Mail ?

The record keepers are trying to update and confirm the member's e-mail addresses. With a current e-mail on file with the club you will get messages and updates more quickly, and the club can e-mail "The Periscope" to your inbox saving the club a ton of money on postage.

Please send an e-mail to the club's address- - and we will update your listing on the roster. Thanks for your help.

We Got All Wet (and had a great time)!!

A great time was had by all who attended. Mother Nature played a few tricks flooding portions of the park, but by the afternoon the flood waters had receeded and the cooking commenced. We had TONS of prizes, including two bicycles, and we had a real feast prepared. Pics of the fun and frivolity can be seen by clicking HERE

Sync your calendar

If you would like to sync your device to the Club's Google calendar it is now available publicly.

The Club's By-Laws

After careful deliberation and study, the Board of Directors has published an updated expression of our by-laws. In the column to the left, in the "Pages" section is a link to the new version.

Cleveland Freight Association

The Traffic Club of Cleveland is pleased to inform you of the Cleveland Freight Association's functions. The Cleveland Freight Association concerns themselves with the Educational side of the transportation industry. Meetings are usually held every other month and usually include a dinner and a guest speaker, all of which make for a very informative evening for all. All Traffic Club members are welcome to attend their meetings and functions, but unless you join their organization, you will have to pay non-member pricing. Please feel free to check out their site at or follow the links on the left side to view their page on our site.

This Is Your Site

Please feel free to browse around our site and check out the copies of our quarterly newsletter, The Periscope. To contact us with any questions you might have, please feel free to email us at: . If you are already familiar with our organization and would like to become a member, please select the application link to the right, print out and fill in and send it to us.

Student Scholarships

The Traffic Club of Cleveland awards scholarship grants every year to students who qualify. Your child may be eligible for these grants. The qualifications are within the application. Please go there and read.
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